At Henkle Middle School all students are encouraged to dream and inspired to succeed. We create a culture of safety by valuing diversity, nurturing positive relationships and providing a clear focus on social, emotional and academic success. Students are challenged and equipped with tools to meet rigorous standards. Our students are empowered to become life-long learners and respectful, responsible citizens.


No student shall be unlawfully denied an educational opportunity or be discriminated against because of national origin, race, religion, economic status, sex, pregnancy, marital status, previous arrest, previous incarceration, or a physical, mental or sensory handicap. All students have the constitutional right to freedom of speech and press, to peacefully assemble and to petition the government and its representatives regarding grievances, to exercise their religious beliefs and to have their school free from sectarian control or influence, all subject to reasonable limitations of time, place and manner of exercising such rights, as defined by Washington Administrative Codes (WACs).

All students have the constitutional right to be secure in their persons, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures.

All students have the right to be free from unlawful interference in their pursuit of an education while in the custody of the school district. No student shall be deprived of the right to an equal educational opportunity in whole or in part by a school district without due process of law. Restorative justice strategies valuing empathy, respect, honesty, acceptance, responsibility, and accountability may be used to provide ways to: effectively address behavior, support a safe learning environment, and offer alternatives to suspension and expulsion.


Respect the law and the rights of others. In school, students shall respect the rights of others so that he/she does not interfere with the education of others. Students who involve themselves in criminal acts on school property, or at school-related events, or who disrupt the educational process are liable to prosecution under the law and/or disciplinary action by the school.

Students are expected to conduct themselves as responsible members of the school community. This includes obeying all laws and complying with all policies, rules and regulations of the school and school district. In addition, students are expected to safeguard the property of the school. It is also the student’s responsibility to safeguard and care for their own property.

All students shall pursue the required course of studies, and shall submit to the authority of their teachers, and be subject to such disciplinary action as the local school officials shall determine. Students are to develop skills, competencies, and attitudes that are fundamental to an individual’s achievement as a responsible, contributing citizen.