A-List Adventures here at Henkle Middle School has the goal of having a fun, exciting program that gives kids a leg up in not only their academics, but also in critical thinking and social emotional learning. We help build up kids by promoting Math, Literacy, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), and homework help, plus give students a chance to explore their community. Every time students connect with A-List Adventures, they also get the added bonus of a healthy snack and an opportunity to exercise. We provide all of these services at no charge.

We also support summer school programming during the month of July for students. Information about summer programming and student enrollment comes out in May each year. During summer, A-List Adventure students have the opportunity for academic and social-emotional exploration through local themes like agriculture, nature, STEM, and outdoor adventures. Students also have access to two school meals and transportation while enrolled in summer school. 

Mission Statement

A- List will provide students with an enriching environment. We will provide the experience of safety, a sense of belonging, and the freedom to discover and connect with others. Learning will be done with a blend of compassion and humor

Vision Statement

The vision of A-List is to provide an accessible program which appreciates and fosters the value of students as members of their community, stimulates their social, physical, and intellectual growth, and achieves these experiences through the exploration and discovery of their own interests.